Let’s Go: Famous Toastery

I love to eat. This is something which will become very apparent as time goes on. I feel in order for you to even have a whole blog dedicated to food you have to have strong feelings towards it. Hopefully positive feelings.

I know everyone has a different relationship with food. Mine is love. And while I hope to gear you towards eating at home more and trying your hand at cooking in your own kitchen, I also want you to know sometimes it is okay to eat out.

Breakfast food is something I enjoy. But I still am not in a place where I know how to cook my favorite dish: Eggs Benedict. So when I have a taste for it, I always end up at Famous Toastery because they have some of the best Eggs Benedict I’ve ever tasted.

Insert the beautiful Cali Eggs Benedict with a side of home fries.  This plate is literally magnificent. If you love your eggs, Benedict, and you love avocados, this is the dish for you! You can get it with any side but I choose the home fries because they are seasoned to perfection and go great with the eggs.

So next time you’re at Famous Toastery, try the Cali Eggs Benedict.

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